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vihupole presents itself as a 100% autonomous and ecological solution with free CO2 emissions contributing to a reduction of the carbon footprint.

Versatile and adaptable to various environments, vihupole is the new and most irreverent solution for conventional urban design, assuming itself as a great option for installations where safety is the main premise.

vihupole, security and design combined.


vihupole was designed for an OFF-GRID installation, without connection to the fossil power grid. Prepared for charging via USB connection, provides access to daily information on the production, consumption and charging of the battery bank via vihubox.


vihupole can be remotely controlled through vihubox and can also be transformed into a WI-FI hotspot, with bandwidth up to 5G.

LED backlit branding zone


vihupole can be used as an RGB LED light source fully customizable with the colors of your brand, programmable by the user through vihubox. Automatic lighting management based on solar radiation.

Customizable color
(forja, sable, lacado)


As far as security is concerned, vihupole has several arguments in its favor, such as the installation of surveillance systems with remote control through any mobile device and without using the conventional electrical network, making it possible to prevent intrusion and fire situations.